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OddJuice's News

Posted by OddJuice - 2 weeks ago

Hello everyone, just wanted to announce very shortly: commissions, from now on, will only be posted on Furaffinity. This has nothing to do with quality, but rather with gallery presentation.

By having my personal stuff shown first people can have a clear idea of what I like and what I do as, more often than not, commissions are pushed a little beyond the limit of what I'd personally draw (which is not bad, I have tons of fun none the less).

In the future I might organize other galleries to post them around, such as Deviantart and Inkbunny, but sites like Newgrounds and Twitter are really hurt by the complete inability to prioritize certain works over other.

So, outside of a few very rare exceptions, most commissions will be put in their respective folders on FA, so I can advertise my little ideas a little more and I might feel a little more motivated to actually draw a few of them.

Hope you'll understand, as you always did, have a beautiful day <3

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Posted by OddJuice - October 7th, 2019

I have to officially announce I'll be quitting kinktober. I'll still be using some of the prompts here and there just because I really liked the idea of actually making it. Unfortunately, if I were to keep it up alongside my other job I'd have to stay awake 'till 05:00 AM every day, which isn't possible, since I'd underperform. I was having a blast, but it doesn't pay the bills.

I'll keep posting anyways. And studying.

Please, stay tuned.

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Posted by OddJuice - September 16th, 2019

So, ya'll might have noticed I wasn't around for a while. A few things have been catching up to me and I might not be as active as I thought I'd be. Don't worry, I have a job to pay the bills and all. My computer is almost fixed, it's just missing a monitor of which Amazon deleted my order just today. I already ordered a new one and I can't wait to have it. I'm re-installing most of the stuff and it's a bit of a pain but I should be ready to be back soon.

In the meantime I WILL post as I have the tablet serving as a tiny screen, but I won't be working on commissions and I will mostly do... Fun stuff. You'll see. This is the only good thing about the whole situation. Also, as soon as my animation program is back, I'll finish that Krystal anim I promised. Not too far off.

I won't lie to you guys, it's been a though year. Between the loss of my grandparents and two of our pets alongside many other stressing issues it has been hard keeping my head up. I'll take this time off as a bit of a break both to study and improve a bit. Don't worry, the wind is changing and it never felt this good.

See you about, thank you all for supporting me, wouldn't be here if you didn't.

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Posted by OddJuice - August 26th, 2019

They would do it continuously with my older account and the drawings sucked back then! Finally I got to the poin where people is taking my stuff without my permission again. I'm becoming popular :U

Jokes aside though, I don't really mind but I thought it'd be dump not to point it out in his comment section, here's the stolen piece:


And the original:


Posted by OddJuice - August 17th, 2019

Tonight I re-watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit for the umpteenth time, an extremely important movie to me. It reminded me why I started drawing and what I wanted to do with my skills once they got to a certain point.

When I was younger I made a resolution. It kept me up while I made flawed art, it kept me bright, it kept me awake. But then, somewhere during these years, it died out. Recently improving and walking out of my comfort zone has been harder than ever.

The fact I draw porn kind of acted as a pillow, a cozy place to lay upon to keep paying the rent and justify myself that I need little improving by this point, because no one would care anyways. I didn't realize how much I stopped caring myself.

Tonight I make that resolution again. I won't say what it is until I've reached the goal and I will cherish it for myself, because I noticed the more I say something the less I act to make it a reality, rather than a wet-dream in which I can loose myself.

I will be sharing it only once I'm in the position to do it, if I ever will be, and I will do all in my power to get to that point.

Thanks you all for supporting me so far. Hopefully I'll be giving you even more reasons to do so. Back to work on those commissions <3


Posted by OddJuice - June 26th, 2019


I'm re-sharing this picture because I made a simple, yet crucial correction. I simply added the green circles in because I forgot to the first time. People also pointed out (rightfully) that Twister circles are not arranged this way.


But this is a special Twister right ;3 ? No, it isn't, I just messed up because I never actually played it and, to draw it, I lazily looked at a ref. Unfortunately rearranging the circles is going to be impossible since I fused all the layers for the drawings into one and it's going to take a lot of time to rework the things in.

I'd rather accept it, move on and do better next time. Thanks for the feedback!

Hope you'll all still be able to enjoy it as it is <3

Posted by OddJuice - April 12th, 2019

People misunderstands that because I draw a lot of girls being bound I prefere doing the tying. Truth is it's quite the opposite <3

AM A POWER BOTTOM BITCHES! Don't judge a book by its cover.


Although I'd be lying if I said I don't enjoy being on the other side as well <3


Posted by OddJuice - March 30th, 2019

Some people made me notice in this journal here http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9094112/ that I might have been overthinking the whole matter a little itty bitty tiny bit.

Sometimes I really do, especially when friends are involved I can get really frustrated, in this case the talented https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bondagefanart who made the picture. And although I still believe in the reasons I gave those who pointed it out I wanted to explain it a bit, to help me get it off of my mind as well.

I actually wanted the thing to be a "short funny haha" comment but you have to know I talk A LOT in Italian already (no wonder I like gags so much) so you can only imagine how troubling it gets to be synthetic and silly when I get to filter my stupidity through English where I can hardly say 3 words withouth having to twist and turn around them to get exactly what I want out of my head, often taking the longer routes compared to a native English speaker.

And while I might have spent a little too much time in my own boiling thought juices, I can assure I didn't want the matter to be taken that deeply, it's just very hard to translate everything from a language to another as naturally as I'd like.

And even if, say, I were the kind of guy to take stuff too seriously I am working to improve it and be less of a stick in the butt, so whenever you see me being a little serious tit you slap me, the worst that could happen is I'll laugh a tad. Unless it's SUPER ACTUAL SERIOUS MATTERS, those exists too, unfortunately.

Hell even with this journal I feel like I didn't get what I wanted across, it's too articulated. I need to work more on my vocabulary ._.

Posted by OddJuice - March 29th, 2019

Sorry I had to write something.


I know you are allowed NOT to like it, but I hate it when they use opinions as objective truths. You can't stop thinking about tape hurting fur or Nick having muzzle PTSD and it kills your boner? It's okay. That doesn't mean the pic desn't work. Otherwise a lot of vanilla furry porn should be DEAD.

Did you know furry's butt fur should be disgusting due to shit being harder to clean?

Posted by OddJuice - March 27th, 2019

TL;DR I don't like the artistic direction they went for with the game, although I think that at its worst it's just okay, a 6/10. Gameplay wise it's fine too, it's not BAD don't kill me ty. ENJOY THE RENT OR GOODFUCKINGBYE:

Can I be frank? I honestly don't like how the new Crash looks. I'm not saying it's not technically well done but... I think it's just that. They also made him a little too cute and soft when, as a kid, I saw him being a bit more... Crazy? Angular? And not due to the graphics, I just gave for granted that, if rapresented properly and outside of a 3D world, he'd have a much sharper design, with tiny eyes, a LOT more toony and exagerated expressions, frame skipping, stretching and squashing, I thought it'd be something like the old Looney Tunes shorts from Chck Jones (from which they were taking inspiration from, in fact).

As it is I feel like all they did was slap some realistic texture to the chars and animate everything to look as pretty and consistent as possible which is the "okay" approach for these things in terms of effort and result.

I like the reinterpretation they gave Spyro a lot more, although they went a bit more towards fantasy rather than comical compared to the original, which is, you know, good depending on your personal taste and how much of a fantasy element you perceived when playing the trilogy.

Personally I felt it a LOT, but even if you don't like the new Spyro you can't say they didn't work with the designs to reinterprete them at 360°, it feels like they had an understanding of the first games and a vision to follow.

With Crash they basically just coated it in realistic fur and lights (VERY BAD LIGHTS, in some parts of the game he is basically a very ugly black silouhette because they decided to leave it up to the program alone). I want to make sure you understand I'm not talking about graphics but ARTISTIC DIRECTION, something that can work with any kind of budget and is hugely underestimated in recent years.

I mean, if you dig it I'm fine, but for me... I "like" it. It's okay. Which means it could have been a lot worse but also a lot better. At least it's polished... I'm not sure I'm making my point as clear as I'd want. In short: deform him a lot more, y'know, make him weird and zany instead of worrying that each tooth in his mouth is modelled right and that each movement is ALWAYS at 60 fps.

Although it could have been a lot worse... They could have completely messed the gameplay up. I mean, there are things that compared to the original simply don't work (I hate the water bike segments more than I ever did before) but, overall, it gets it and has a VERY nice feel to it.

And it's not like cute is bad. I like cute! I just feel that it doesn't fit the character to be THIS cute and round and soft. I never perceived him as a cute char to begin with, but for those who does I suppose part of its cute appeal WAS in his weirdness. Otherwise there would be 0 people liking Ripper Roo.

And we all know the number of people liking Ripper Roo is nowhere near 0.