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I couldn't stop. I can't stop. Call help.

I can see the appeal of this being one of those very addictive, simple and marketable games on the Applestore, if it came out with a touch feature and maybe a bit more visual feedback.

It's clever, but not really my kind of thing.

I can see this is very experimental. The graphics are inconsistent and the sound design isn't exactly the best. You shouldn't be able to walk into an enemy and get repeated damage until death, maybe making the knockback a little less crazy and giving a few moments of invulnerability should fix the problem.

Asking for someone's e-mail is never a good idea, it would have been okay to simply allow the content to be right in the game itslef, since not many are probably going to trust you with the information and writing "I hate spammers" isn't enough to make anyone think you wouldn't be making ill use of it.

That said, I can see you had fun making this, and I can sense a god degree of heart put into the work, I enjoyed, despite it being outrageously simple, the little hint pointint towards her sister being implied in what happened.

With some work and the right amount of passion you might get to something far more articulated in the future. I hope to see that happen!

Nerdotik responds:

Thanks mate for taking the time to comment, i appreciate it :D!

1) About the graphics, i have made it explicitly (to let the animated stuff stand out from the tiles), but i see that the general consensus is very polarized on this matter (someone like it, someone don't :D ). Anyway i respect your opinion.

2) For the email thing i must disagree with you. The choice is straightforward (in my situation), i don't have time to manage a discord, but i still want to have the contacts of all the interested people. Anyway, they are very few :D, and as you said, very few people put their contact.

3) For the repeated damage, i agree with you. I can improve a lot on this, and make it more enjoyable, for example putting an invulnerability time.

Thanks for your comment mate, you are always welcome and... :D PORKIN YEEEEEEEAH!

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Dude your style is so spot on. Love it.

Love the butt squeeze!

Good, the narration is rather clear! Remember to look up references and be mroe careful about the lines. You're doing great, keep drawing and improving.

An italian drawing guy who also happen to be a funky perv!


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